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Writing essays

For some time now I've been thinking about writing essays.  I believe it is the role of a good essayist to dissect the present; to critique it, laud its virtues and condemn its injustices and failures.  I think we need more critical thinkers in our society, and more readers.  An enlightened and knowledgeable citizenry is essential to the preservation of a Constitutional Republic.  I'm sure we've all heard that quip before, but how many of us actually act on that, or actively try to seek the wisdom of thought and reason?  At least for 2014, I promise to read more, think more, and write more...

Books that were banned make for excellent reading!

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I completely agree!


Water, like cowardice...

"...Water, like cowardice and lust, always finds the lowest level." 

- Jo Nesbo, The Devil's Star

Oyster Books is a good deal

While scrolling through my Facebook page yesterday, I noticed a little advertisement from Oyster Books.  They were promoting their book service, a kind of Netflix for books.  For a fee of $9.95 a month, you have access to over 100,000 books.  I thought that sounded like a great deal, so I decided to click on the link to see what it was all about. 


My first impression was that the website looked beautiful, very aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and with a free month trial, what's not to like?  Sign-up was a cinch, and I downloaded the app to my iPad Mini in seconds.  After only a few minutes I had some excellent books to get me started. 


I must say I'm very pleased to see that there is a good selection of non-fiction books represented on Oyster Books.  I do enjoy reading fiction, but non-fiction reading is really my passion, so I'm glad that I was not disappointed. 


My only critique is that Oyster Books is currently only available as an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch app, and is not available on Android, Nook, or Kindle devices.  There is also not a reader app for a Mac or PC.  Hopefully this will change with the future.


Happy reading in 2014!!!     

The Evolution of the College Library

Yet another great article from The Atlantic regarding the evolution of the college library. I fondly remember sitting in the Chalmers and Olin Libraries on Middle Path at Kenyon College. Those were some good days, filled with amazing research, and heated discussion among peers. 

In Defense of Independent bookstores

They can survive and thrive, with the support of bibliophiles such as ourselves!  This holiday season, let us all do our part to support them! 


"Indie" stores can, and will, exist if we make a conscious effort to visit them.  

The Atlantic Cities had a great article about "Indie" bookstores. Check it! 

Leaders are readers!
Leaders are readers!
Show me your book bag!!!
Show me your book bag!!!

Anything can turn into a book bag!  I've used everything from plastic grocery bags to military-style duffel bags... Whatever it takes to haul my books home from the libraries, bookstores, and book sales that I've visited.   


What are you currently using to haul your books home???  I'm using this Plano Fishouflage Crappie Bag that I found on sale at Farm & Fleet!  Not only is it small and convenient, but I use one of the lure boxes as a pencil/pen case and the tags as bookmarks!  

The Best Atheist Books of 2013

The Best Atheist Books of 2013 according to The Friendly Atheist.

A great book sign
A great book sign
So true!
So true!

At least you have a book! 

Beautiful home library
Beautiful home library

I definitely want to live here! Thanks to my friend Fernando for sending this to me. 

Supporting my local libraries
Supporting my local libraries

I love the fact that the Decatur Public Library is tied into the Illinois Heartland Library System! Through the IHLS, I managed to request, and receive these gems to read! 

Famous novelists answer some questions

Love this!